Our Food System Is At A Tipping Point

 Technology alone will not be enough to solve the challenges of the next 100 years. The tools of the future must be grounded in the limits of a finite planet. They must work with the complexity of the natural systems that produce our food. They must be developed with real users, in relentless pursuit of usability.

We are systems thinkers with our feet firmly grounded and our heads in the sky.  We can help you build your business to make the impact you're striving for.

How We Help Entrepreneurs

We work hands-on with you to get you closer to success. We've identified three of the biggest gaps as a starting point.

Refine Product-Market Fit

You have a vision. Ensuring your value proposition, target market and business model align is crucial to achieving it. We can help determine whether you have that fit, or work with you step-by-step until you do.


Articulate Who You Are

You're unique. You have a story and a mission. We help you tell the world about it. Embedded in your team, we ensure you're armed with the latest knowledge. You're positioned to leverage your strengths.


Get You Investor Ready

Different startups have different requirements for capital. Goal alignment is key. We can help you decide what type of investor is right for your business, and set you up to shine.

Who We Work With

What Our Clients Think

Frontier has always been dedicated to sustainability, but Sarah helped us get to the next level. Sarah cut right to the core of our current practices, and designed new systems to help us improve immediately. She presented an actionable framework to our senior leadership team that gave us a new perspective on what we need to do to continue to be an industry leader. I found her results to be especially compelling because she benchmarked us against sustainability leaders and our competitors. We’d hire Sarah again in a heartbeat.

- Tony Bedard, CEO, Frontier Co-op

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Sarah, as President of MIT’s Food & Agriculture Club, made a very large contribution to the success of the first Rabobank-MIT Prize in Food Innovation.  She recruited, organized, and provided guidance to the student-led operating team;  she was a principal point of contact between that team and Rabobank and MIT;  she found and organized the industry and academic experts who served on the judging panel or as mentors to the competition teams.  I particularly appreciated her clear thinking and communication, and getting a lot of work done in a very short time.  I, and my colleagues, all found her a true pleasure to work with. This year’s Prize would not have happened without her. 

- Rajiv Singh, CEO, North American Wholesale Rabo Securities USA Inc.

Want To See Our Process In Action?

Frontier Co-op needed to revamp their operational sustainability strategy. We helped them achieve this in a way that was authentic to their values, informed by customer and competitor expectations, and supported by the latest technologies.