A Guide to Startup Resources for Agriculture & Food Technology Innovation

Bridging the gaps between innovation, investment, and business. 

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This report, produced in collaboration with AgFunder and Ag Innovation Development Group, identifies the 91 global resources that are focused on providing support for agriculture and food technology innovation. We propose definitions for the emerging categories of resources in this sectors, such as accelerators, prizes, and incubators, and identify five key gaps within the food and agriculture technology innovation ecosystem. Like what you see? Check out the live version of this data here. 

Report last updated: Nov 4, 2016

Unlocking Capital for Sustainability Oriented Ventures

7 Key Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is challenging in all cases, and raising capital can be especially difficult. For sustainability-oriented entrepreneurs who aspire to realize a positive environmental or social impact through the success of their for-profit business, the challenge of raising capital is even greater. 

In this guide, we answer the question: How can sustainability-oriented entrepreneurs attract the necessary capital required to grow their business and ultimately realize their social or environmental impact? Drawing on various research efforts looking at sustainability-oriented innovation, we provide seven actionable lessons to help entrepreneurs raise the capital they need to successfully accelerate their sustainability-oriented innovations. For each lesson, we include a case study example and a checklist of questions to help sustainability-entrepreneurs take action immediately.


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